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E-Mail: jonjake@yahoo.cn
Page: http://

Geposted am 7.7.2012

As long as a person have willpower, and you will surpass his environment


Mister Lino
E-Mail: badminton@XX.XX
Page: http://

Geposted am 14.8.2011

Hi, it was again a big pleasure for me to play at this nice tournament. The organisation, the competitors and the stuff at your Cafeteria was fantastic. I hope to have the oportunity to play again next year ! Thanks a lot for everthing ! Yours ML


Mister Lino
E-Mail: badminton@XX.XX
Page: http://

Geposted am 12.7.2009

Ola, I love your homepage and I really be happy to have the oportunity to play at this fantastic tournament ! Hopefully there will be enough good players... CU later Aligator ! Mr. Lino


E-Mail: doris078@XX.XX
Page: http://

Geposted am 7.5.2009

Ich finde den Aufbau der Seite sehr gut. Macht weiter so.


E-Mail: sadiqmulla76@xx.xx
Page: http://

Geposted am 13.8.2008

I played here for the first time and it was really good to see some high quality badminton !!!


Dennis Dengler
E-Mail: doppeld@xx.xx
Page: http://

Geposted am 28.9.2007

schöne page aber der bug mit den bildern is doch sehr sehr nervig :/


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